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Reliance Edge License Information

Datalight Logo fail safe embedded flash file system download the fail safe flash file system manual evaluate the fail safe file system in the RTOS simulator Safety critical embedded flash file system

"Our products are used from the bottom of the ocean, to the depths of space, and from the factory floor, to your hip pocket" - Ken Whitaker, Datalight

"Datalight's family of Reliance fail safe file systems have delivered proven reliability in hundreds of millions of devices." - Kerri McConnell, Datalight

"The design goals and implementation of Reliance Edge means it is no ordinary file system. Reliance Edge will be a valuable resource for our users, so we are happy to accept it as an official FreeRTOS+ component." - Richard Barry, Real Time Engineers ltd.

Reliance edge is dual open source/commercial licensed:
  • Open Source Licensing

    Reliance Edge is provided with FreeRTOS under the terms of the standard GNU GPL V2 license (unlike FreeRTOS, which uses a modified GPL license).

  • Commercial Licensing

    Businesses and individuals that for commercial or other reasons cannot comply with the terms of the GPLv2 license may obtain a commercial license before incorporating Reliance Edge into proprietary software for distribution in any form. The commercial distribution also includes extra tests and tools not distributed with the GPLv2 version.

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